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CCG Experience

Work Environment

CCG promotes a positive work environment. Analysts, consultants, and project leads alike are all encouraged to ask questions and learn new skills. The president and managing directors are readily available to offer advice from the skills and information gained at their post-junior year internships at top-tier management consulting firms, investment banks, and tech companies. Analysts are trained throughout their first semester in areas that will help them succeed at CCG and in other professional areas. 


The CCG Experience expands beyond the pre-professional sphere. We are a tight-knit community focused on personal growth. Each semester, project teams take part in a bonding activity, such as a hike or a dinner. The club also hosts a semesterly retreat in the LA area. The retreat serves as a time for the entire club to come together to relax and have fun. Throughout the year, there are also several smaller club-wide bonding events, such as ice skating and picnics. 

Members in Santa Monica on a club retreat in 2018

Members on a hike in Rancho Cucamonga in 2019