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Fall 2019 Analyst Application

Due Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 at 11:59PM. No late submissions will be accepted.

Please email all three sections of the application in a single PDF to ClaremontCG@gmail.com

Note: If you have applied to CCG in the past, we encourage you to reapply to demonstrate your interest.

Section 1: Resume


Please attach your resume. Make sure it is formatted professionally- use the CMC career services guide as a reference at: https://www.cmc.edu/sites/default/files/csc/CSCGuide/2017.11.21_Career_Guide.pdf

Section 2: Case Study


Reading: Read the article about how WeWork got started at: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/06/wework-adam-neumann.html

Prompt: You are hired as a consultant to a company that is looking to build a coworking space. Using the content from ONLY the above article, generate a one-page executive summary (1 inch margins, 1.5 spacing, 12pt Times New Roman font) that: 

1. Summarizes WeWork's expansion strategy

2. Identifies the factors that helped it achieve its current valuation

3. Discusses concerns that the company may face in future

This executive summary should be submitted as deliverable-ready. Remember that you are writing this executive summary for a CEO with a lot on his/her plate - he/she will not have the patience to read through confusing or extraneous content. Conveying the content as a) cleanly, b) articulately, and c) succinctly as possible is as important as the content itself. Your work will be assessed as if read by the CEO of the startup.


Note that your case study will also be considered as we make final decisions (not exclusively as an interview selection screen).

Section 3: Short Answers

1) What/how would you contribute to a CCG client team? (<100 words)

2) Optional: CCG does a variety of work to address our clients’ needs. Because of this, our consultants’ skill sets often become useful – anything from basic front-end web dev to familiarity with online advertising channels (e.g. Adwords) to website analytics (e.g. Google Analytics). Do you have any specialized skill sets that are useful to businesses? (<50 words)


3) Will you be available for potential interviews on September 21st and 22nd? (Y/N) If you have conflicts, we can arrange an alternate time.

Info Session

Thursday, 9/12 at 7pm

in Kravis LC63

Women's Coffee Chat

Monday, 9/16 at 7pm

in Kravis Third Floor Balcony



Friday, 9/20 at 4pm

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