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Gain Valuable Business Insight

With CCG


CCG's Value Add

CCG leverages some of the brightest minds at Claremont McKenna College, a school consistently ranked among the best in the country. We employ a rigorous application process, culminating in a 10% acceptance rate, to ensure that our members can drive beneficial solutions to clients.

Innovative Solutions
Competitive Pricing

Many CCG analysts and consultants have already developed their skills on-the-job during internships at top consulting firms, investment banks, and tech companies. CCG provides its clients with the unique opportunity to access these in-demand skills for a small fraction of the cost of hiring those same organizations.

Extensive Resources

Our project teams leverage the extensive resources of the Claremont Colleges to provide high-quality insights for our clients. Members seek guidance from college professors and regularly enlist the help of alumni experts to solve a case. The Claremont Colleges’ relationship with top consulting firms also allows CCG analysts to thought-partner with more experienced consultants to produce valuable deliverables.

CCG’s client teams consist of 4-6 consultants and our projects are conducted during the academic semester (typically around 8-12 weeks). We’ve also conducted year-long projects when the client’s work requires it. Frequency of communication and deliverables is decided by each individual client and project team.

Project Structure

Past Clients

Past Clients

CCG has worked for a range of exciting companies, from early stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Below is a selected list of our most recent clients.

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